Impact in Action

Expert consulting services drive business growth and innovation through strategic planning, market insights, performance optimization, and transformative solutions tailored to your needs.

For over 75 years, Wipro has operated as a purpose-driven company with an unwavering commitment to our customers and our communities. 67% percent of Wipro’s economic interest is pledged to philanthropy, and we are proudly committed to achieving net-zero emissions by 2040. We create economic value that is ecologically sustainable, socially responsible, and based on a bedrock of good governance. And we can help you do so as well.

Sustainability Services Portfolio

Elecrate helps our clients transform business models, decarbonize value chains, and embark on a sustainable future.

Our Sustainability Services Approach:

Measure your impact.Reduce your impact. Create a culture of sustainability.

Impact Assessment

Measure and assess your impact, plan reduction strategies, and manage it.

Impact Intelligence

Create a reliable and responsible sustainability data ecosystem to measure your impact.

Zero Transition & Management

Transforming your extended value chain to reduce natural resources impact.

Responsible Finance

Embedding data, risk management, and regulatory tracking to reduce environmental impact.

Sustainable Technology

Our end-to-end technology and sustainability ecosystem to reduce environmental impact.

"It is now table stakes to become a responsible and sustainable business."

Grayson Mitchell
VP and Global Head of Sustainability

Introducing 'The Rise of Impact Accounting' - A Report by Reuters

Discover how impact accounting is revolutionizing the way organizations report their global impact with a standardized monetary measure.

Fuelling Sustainable Transformation: Insights from PAC’s CXO Study

Now is the time to step into a world where sustainability drives success and shapes the future.

Sustainability Report FY 2022-23

Elecrate sustainability journey is rooted in strong foundations of caring, commitment, and humility. In this report, we present the organization’s contextual background, our vision of sustainability.

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