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At Elecrate, we are passionate about shaping the future of IT Services. With a commitment to excellence and innovation, we deliver cutting-edge solutions that drive success and growth.

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Vinod Patel

Web Developer

Vinod Patel

Web Developer

Vinod Patel

Web Developer

Vinod Patel

Web Developer

Belief in action

Customer Testimonial | 07 Apr 2023

Analytics Platforms

Reduce TCO of data while improving the resilience and service quality of data-driven business processes. Make data foundations more efficient and support investment in growth.

Case Studies | 03 Apr 2023

Data Engineering

Get more consistent business value from data by improving the flow of data between IT and business systems. Assure quality of analytics solutions while streamlining the process of launching and operating them at scale.

Case Studies | 13 Jul 2022

Data Science & AI

Prioritize high-impact, high-value business outcomes that can be addressed with data and both traditional and Generative AI. DXC co-innovates with customers to embed analytics, from pilots to production-grade, end-to-end AI platforms.

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